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Investment content and communications

About me

I'm an investment writer and B2B marketer delivering actionable insights that drive engagement and support distribution.

Previously I was a consultant in the ICT sector working on regulatory strategy projects for development agencies and mobile operators. I was also an adviser to members of parliament.

I'm interested in how digital markets and financial services converge to create better outcomes for investors.

How I can help

Investment research

I’m an accomplished researcher with experience writing across various asset classes, investment strategies, and macro-economic themes with an Australian flavour.

Content strategy

I establish a program of content that leverages your proprietary research, draws on the expertise of your investment team and speaks directly to the needs of your clients.

Media and communications

I build relationships with journalists, pitch content ideas and establish your firm as a thought leader through the release of regular insights.

Lead generation

I create compelling engagement streams that respond to current market developments, track users’ interactions and send warm leads to your sales team.

Product marketing

My deep knowledge of the investment product market enables me to take a data-driven approach to marketing and establish your competitive edge.

Web development

Designing and developing websites (like this one) is great fun and I’m learning how financial services businesses can use front-end engagement tools to create powerful user experiences.

My experience


Adviser to federal members of parliament conducting research on legislative and policy issues.


Consultant working with global telcos and regulatory bodies to develop best practice regulatory frameworks.

Financial services

Investment writer and content producer for leading financial institutions.

Create high-value investment content that gets your audience to take action

Content should be central to your marketing efforts but it often becomes an afterthought. The tragedy is that any business can create compelling content with minimal time and effort and use it to persuade the right people to take action.

If you’re working hard creating content and wondering why you’re not seeing results, this article explains why.

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Selected articles

COVID-19 and lockdown: A simple SIR model in JavaScript

This is a basic SIR model created with JavaScript. The only addition is a lockdown parameter (L) to show how the curve representing the infected population (I) flattens as a higher percentage of the total population is placed under quarantine.

Tail risks are bad for your portfolio and your health

Managing tail risk can seem like a defensive strategy when the market is rising. However, successfully managing the tail has another benefit: survivors of market crashes are better able to take advantage of reduced liquidity and cheap assets.

Review: Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard Marks

As humans we struggle to extricate our rational brain from our emotions—and not just when the markets head south. When things are going well, we tend to believe that they’ll carry on that way forever.

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I'm always keen to discuss ideas.

Give me a call on 0408 571 672 or send me a message at gordontoy@gmail.com.

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